Multi point F series

Place of Origin: Zhengzhou China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Harmony
Certification: ISO9001:2000. SGS
Model: F series
Diamond size: 0.15-6.00 Ct
Body material: Steel
Application: Clean up diamond grinding wheel
Processing: High grinding precision
HS Code: 82079010.00
OEM/ODM: Available

Basic Description

  • Product title: High-quality natural diamond grinding wheel cutter
  • Product alias: natural diamond pen, natural diamond grinding wheel knife
  • Product model: F series
  • Raw material: natural/synthetic diamond
  • Applicable to: external grinding, plane grinding, roll grinding and other large grinding wheel trimming.
  • Grinding method: fine grinding
  • Shank body: shank bodies can be specially customized.

Scope of application

  • It is suitable for trimming large grinding wheels such as external grinding, plane grinding, and roll grinding. It can meet the needs of grinding wheel trimming in most large machining enterprises.

Performance characteristic

  • Raw material characteristics: imported from Belgium and South Africa, it always guarantees that the diamonds are of true quality, high-quality natural diamonds have no cracks, no bubbles, and sharp corners.
  • Product performance: The trimming grinding wheel has high flatness, stability and durability, sharp diamond sharp corners, complete structure, and many complete sharp corners inside, so when the sharp corners are blunt and the requirements for use are not met, it can be returned to our factory for renovation, and the natural sharp corners in the handle body can be adjusted up.

After-sales service

  • Thank you for purchasing our grinding wheel dressing products. This product is strictly controlled in accordance with the ISO9001 national quality system standards. If the product has non-human quality problems within 7 days from the date of purchase, the factory will be responsible for free refurbishment.
  • Product selection and suggestion

    • Make according to customer samples, drawings and instructions to improve cooperation efficiency and accuracy.
    • For the specific use requirements of customers, we must communicate clearly with our company's technical personnel.
    • We recommend suitable products according to your specific circumstances to ensure product performance while reducing costs.

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