Company Introduction

Harmony Industry Diamond (H.I.D.) is mainly specialized in manufacturing and supplying Industrial Diamonds, cBN and its series of products in China. We insist on research and development of precision grinding and polishing diamond materials as well as its end products.

For last years, the core business has remained the synthesis and processing of synthetic diamond super materials, a term which includes manufactured synthetic diamond. While synthetic diamond is well known as the planet’s hardest known material, it has many extreme properties and is one of the most useful and remarkable materials.

H.I.D.’s mission is to deliver premium performance for end users through innovative solutions. H.I.D. focuses on close strategic development partnerships with customers to deliver customized, innovative high-performance products. The business consistently strives to provide excellent customer service and continuous productivity enhancement.

Industrial diamonds business encompasses high-quality powder super hard materials and advanced materials. We use high pressure high temperature (HPHT) synthesis to manufacture synthetic diamond. This super material is used in applications including cutting, grinding, drilling, shearing and polishing. It has driven demand in industrial sectors as drivers as automotive, aerospace, oil & gas drilling, mining, electronics, road maintenance, stone and construction, and wood-working.

Harmony Industry Diamond (H.I.D.) is an organization that is committed to the highest ethical standards and operating its business fairly, honestly and openly. This commitment gives our business partners confidence in the way we act. H.I.D. takes a zero-tolerance approach to corruption, for its staff and business partners.

The Organization Chart of Henan Harmony Industry Diamond Co.,Ltd.

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