Harmony Industry Diamond (H.I.D.) has its own Production Department, Technical Department, Sales Department, Financial Department, Management Department and our own factory, all departments are in their respective roles and cooperate with each other to complete the work objectives.

  • The responsibility of the Production Department is to take the realization of the company’s business objectives as the starting point, adhere to the principle of fixed production based on sales, organize balanced production, guarantee the quality and quantity of products and complete the production tasks on time.

  • The responsibility of the Technical Department is to control the design and development of new and old products and prepare various technical documents, it’s responsible for product quality control.

  • The responsibility of the Sales Department is to search, classify, summarize and file the network information, promote the network and international trade. It’s responsible for regular and irregular communication with customers to understand their long-term and short-term needs and strive for the most possible signing orders.

  • The responsibility of the Finance Department is to participate in the formulation of the company’s annual business plans and organize the preparation of the company’s annual financial budgets. To implement the state financial and accounting policies, tax policies and regulations; To formulate and implement company accounting policy, tax policy and financial management system. Employee salary accounting, payment, etc.

  • The responsibility of our factory is to cooperate with the domestic & international trade department in order to complete their own tasks in time.

  • Harmony Industry Diamond (H.I.D.) have the professional management and service team.

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