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Polycrystalline diamond

Our polycrystalline diamond is produced by detonation with high energy explosive, the high explosive heat and high detonating pressure change the graphite into poly diamond, and its structure is similar to natural carbonado diamond.

Nanodiamond powder

Our nano diamond is formed with tiny crystals that are no more than 20nm. Special detonative synthetic condition produces sphere shaped diamond with rich functional group

Spherical diamond

Raw material is high grade MBD series of high quality diamond, the shape is almost spherical /round, strictly narrow particle size distribution, tiny impurities (inner and outer); better dispersion and high wear-resistence, easy to disperse to various types of vector and combined with various binders solidly.

Harmony Industry Diamond

H.I.D. is an organization that is committed to the highest ethical standards and operating its business fairly, honestly and openly.


Harmony Industry Diamond (H.I.D.) is mainly specialized in manufacturing and supplying Industrial Diamonds, cBN and its series of products in China. We insist on research and development of precision grinding and polishing diamond materials as well as its end products.

For last years, the core business has remained the synthesis and processing of synthetic diamond super materials, a term which includes manufactured synthetic diamond.


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