Micron diamond

Place of Origin: Zhengzhou China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Harmony
Production method: High pressure high temperature
Size: 0.05 - 60um
Color: Yellow, green
MoQ: 1000 carats
Application: Precision grinding, polishing and lapping
Packaging: Plastic bag/bottle, carton
HS Code: 71051020.00
OEM/ODM: Size tailord

Monocrystalline diamond micron powder

Premium Grade HID A+

More regular crystal shape with patented technology process, nearly spherical particle shape, more concentrated particle size distribution and low impurity content, very clean particle surface, easy to disperse to various types of vector and combined with various binders solidly.

Suitable for precision grinding of optical glass, optical grinding pills films, optical grinding wheels, precision polishing wafers, precision grinding wheels of silicon materials for sapphire processing, precision machining tools for jade gem processing.

Standard Grade HID A

Raw material is adopted from SCD series of high quality diamond, adopts the advanced production technology, combined with the unique particle shaping technology, produced base on international requirements standardization. With regular crystal shape and low impurity content, particle size distribution is in line with national standards.

Suitable for metal bond and ceramic bond abrasive tools, all kinds of electroplating tools, grinding paste and slurry.

Economic Grade HID G

Raw material is adopted from green RVD series of ordinary diamond with advanced production technology international according to requirements standardization. Irregular crystal shape, impurity content and particle size distribution is in line with national standards.

Suitable for resin bond abrasive tools, all kinds of electroplating tools, grinding paste and slurry.

Monocrystalline diamond micron powder specially used in PCD/PDC


Made of toughness mbd diamond, treated by a special processing, with super clean particles surface, total content of all kinds of metal impurities controlled at the ppm level; good & stable dispersion and suspension ability for both water-based and oil-based agent to ensure the grinding and polishing efficiency; narrow psd, high content of very blocky shape particles, good heat resistance, high wear- resistance.

Used in making pdc, and diamond slurries for lapping, grinding, polishing on many kinds of material surface including needing special conditioning.

Monocrystalline diamond micron powder specially used in diamond wire

Grade HID WD

It is made of high grade and high strength diamond as raw material, on the basis of conventional diamond powder technology, by carrying out special treatment for the crystal shape and surface purification, particles have features of very clean surface, high toughness, consistent crystal shape, good thermal stability and wear resistance. Through our unique technology of critical oversize elimination and length/width ratio control, the particles also have strictly concentrated PSD, and very high content of effective grinding grits. Besides, a variety of coated products are available, it greatly enhances the retention between diamond particles and the bond, thus to prolong the tool's life and improve the sharpness. It also facilitates heat dissipation within the bond system resulting in longer service life of products.

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