Diamond cutting disc

Place of Origin: Zhengzhou China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Harmony
Outter Diameter: 3″ - 14″
Thickness: 0.2 - 2.0mm
Material: Synthetic diamond, steel plate
Blade type: Metal/resin bond
Function: Precise grooving and cutting
Packaging: Plastic drum/bag, carton
HS Code: 82079010.00
OEM/ODM: Available

Resin bond diamond cutting disc

  • Resin bond diamond cutting disc with steel core is compound of steel plate ard resin bond work layenthe steel plate has high strength and high rigicity They are generally used for middle and deep cutting and grooving.

    Main feature

    • Resin bond diamond cuttig discs can self-sharpen and cut sharply. The work qulity can be improved due to the elastic resin bond.
    • The thickness of work layer is as same as steel plate. They are mainly used tor precise grooving and cuttng.
    • The thickness of work layer is higher than the steel plate. They have advantages for removing chips and cooling They are mainly used for deep cutting and grooving of compoment.


    Grade RDCD-01 for quartz and high borosilicate glass tube process

    • This product specializes in precision cutting of quartz and borosilicate glass tubes. It has sharp cutting sharpness, good smooth section and long service life.
    • Mainly used in high borosilicate glass tube, quartz tube, electodeless lamp, U-tube, electronic cigarette tube, chemical laboratory equimpment and other quartz glass shaped products.

    Grade RDCD-02 for quartz crucible

    • Mainly used for precision cutting or grooving quartz products, suitable for the following products: quartz glass rod, quartz glass sheet, quartz glass crucible, furnace core rod, quartz glass boat, quartz crucible, etc. with the features of sharp cutting, smooth section and long service life.

    Grade RDCD-03 for optical glass

    • Mainly used for optical glass cutting, including camera lens, microscope lens, magnifying lens, telescope lens, spectacle lens and other optical glass. With the features of high sharpness, small slit, long life, it can completely replace the imported products. Any specifications can be customized.

    Grade RDCD-04 for carbide processing

    • This product is used for processing carbide (cobalt-tungsten alloy YG8) and can provide perfect cutting and slotting for rods and bolcks according to customer's needs.
    • With the feature of sharp cutting, long service life, smooth cutting surface without breakage. Any specifications can be customized.

    Grade RDCD-05 for glass cup and tea strainer slotting

    • Mainly used for slotting tea strainer of glass cup. With the features of sharp cutting, smooth cutting surface, no cracks, no chipping. It can maintain stable sharpness and good cutting life, greatly improve production efficiency and yield for users.

    Grade RDCD-06 for magnetic materials

    • This material is brittle. Our diamond cutting disc can efficiently cut NdFeB, silicon steel, amorphous, nanocrystalline, ferrite, magnetic powder core and other materials. Any specifications can be customized.

    Metal bond diamond cutting disc

    • Metal bond diamond cutting discs with steel core is compound of steel plate and bronze bond work layer, the steel plate has high strength and high rigidity. They are generally used for middle and deep cutting and grooving.

    Main feature

    • The grits are strongly held on, the discs have good wear resistance, long service life and good shapemaintenance.
    • The thickness of work layer is as same as steel plate. They are mainly used for precise grooving and utting.
    • The thickness of work layer is higher than the steel plate. They have advantages for removing chips and cooling. They are mainly used for deep cutting and grooving of compoment

    Professional steel plate

    We select imported high-quality stainless steel plate with good rigidity, strong corrosion resistance, non- magnetic characteristics, various thicknesses for you to choose.


    Grade MDCD-01 for fuse glass tube and quartz tube

    • Mainly used for cutting fuse glass tube with small diameter and thin wall thickness, the durability is also good on the condition of keeping good sharpness. Service life will be 45-60days/PC according to customers' feedback. With the features of good shape, high precision, good cutting surface quality during the whole service life.

    Grade MDCD-02 copper plated cutting disc

    • The base surface is plated with copper by handicraft standard, with the features of excellent water and corrosion resistant, and can be customized for the foreign tradecompanies.

    Grade MDCD-03 for optical glass

    • Mainly used for cutting opticalglass, can be used for heavy duty deep cutting with high sharpness, vertical cutting angle and long lasting durability.

    Grade MDCD-04 for valve stem

    • Mainly used for cutting the valve stem in car engine. with features of high sharpness, high cutting efficiency, long service life and smooth cutting surface.

    Grade MDCD-05 for zirconia ceramic

    • We select high-strength imported diamonds and steel base , can provide suitable cutting discs according to customers' requirements. It can be cut continuously without slipping and passivation during the using life;, and it aiso overcomes the disadvantage of short life of resin bond diamond cutting disc. Any size can bcustomized.

    Grade MDCD-06 for alumina ceramic

    • Mainly used for cutting a variety of alumina ceramics and refractory materials, can precess the required ceremic sheets, blocks, rods. piates. etc. according to requirements, with the features of sharp cutting, high processing efficiency . good surface finish, and leng service life.

    Grade MDCD-07 for conventional glass

    • Giass with the thickness of more than 15mm is hard to be cut by glass knife. This kind of diamond cutting disc is designed for the users who only have manual tocl equipment . Glass with the thickness of 15-30mm can be easily cut by only one marble machine or angle grinder( marble machine is much better) , and the cutting is sharp without chipping.

    Grade MDCD-08 for brake pad grooving

    • Brake pads are beleng to composite materials , which contain metal wires inside. with high toughness. have high demand for blade sharpness According te the special ng to the specil recuirements of the brake pad material, our company has develeped a product with the festures of meserate sharpness nc sicking to the knile and no chipping. is very suitable for cutting and groving brake Dad. Any specfications. can becustomizedl.

    Grade MDCD-09 for superfinishing stone

    • Superfinishing stone is commonly used for silicon carbide. alumina, diamend, CBN cil stone according to its own abrasives, according to different cutting requirements. we can provide you the suitable products. In order to give you a better tutting experience, we electrcplated a layer of diamonds on the surtace of the blade to prevent clipping saw and polish section. it can ensure a straight line and a straight angle.

    Grade MDCD-10 for Circult board

    • Thig prodact is mainly used for cutting vanious composite cisut boards such a copper based. Faberbsed and piasrie based circut bosres. with the feature e goed sharp non-stickgy high precision gocd surtace quality ane extremely high service kfe. Any specficatons, can becustomizedl!

    Grade MDCD-11 for piezoelectric crystal

    • Piezoelectric crystal is a valuable material, which needs to be cut vertically. It has high requirements for the sharpness of the saw blade and the material of the base and the connectin strength between the work layer and the base. Our company adopts a new process, using a high-strength steel piate to improve the overall rigidity of the blade to ensure vertical cutting. and improve the customer's yield.

    Cutting material

    • Glass material: Various glass tube / Glass spout / Tea strainer/ High borosilicate glass (electronic cigarette) / Capillary glass tube / Optical glass / Quartz glass / Crystal glass / Gem/ Crystal jade
    • Ceramic material: Alumina / Zirconia / Silicon carbide / Boron carbide / Boron nitride / Black ceramic / Glass products
    • Abrasive material: Refractory / Superfinishing stone
    • Magnetic material: Ferrite / NdFeB
    • Alloy material: High speed steel / Abrasive steel Alloy steel
    • Brittle metal material: Carbide (YG Series)

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