Saw grit diamond

Place of Origin: Zhengzhou China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Harmony
Production method: High pressure high temperature
Size: 18/20 - 325/400
Color: Yellow
MoQ: 1000 carats
Application: Used in diamond tools for cutting and ginding
Packaging: Plastic bag/bottle, carton
HS Code: 71051020.00
OEM/ODM: Size tailored


  • H.I.D. Saw Grit include HID90 & HID80 series. It has complete specifications, various sizes and grades. They are able to produce variety tools for stone, construction and mining industries.
  • The diamond grit particle character (size, strength, crystallinity) plays a major role in understanding the behaviour of grit application. All have stable quality and are able to meet different requirements from customers.

Saw Grit Diamond

Grade Type Description Application
HID990 Regular and complete crystal shape High impact strength
Thermal stability Tiny  impurities Good wear resistance
High grade cutting tools Revising tools Geological drills
Saw blades
Electroplated grinding wheels grade Cutting tools
HID980 Regular and complete crystal shape High impact strength
Thermal stability Good transparency Good wear resistance
Diamond tools
Concrete engineering drill Wire saw
Electroplated products
HID960 Comparatively regular and complete crystal shape Comparatively good impact strength
Thermal stability High  mechanic Good wear resistance Good sharpness
Saw blades of high and medium load Wire saw
Grinding wheel
HID940 Comparatively regular and complete crystal shape Normal impact strength
Thermal stability Good wear resistance Good sharpness
Cutting tools with medium load No reinforced concrete pavement Roller
Grinding wheel
HID920 Regular shape and comparatively complete crystal shape
Normal impact strength Thermal   stability Good sharpness
Cutting Grinding wheels
Cutting tools with medium and low load

Available sizes:

Series Size Grade 18/20 20/25 25/30 30/35 35/40 40/45 45/50 50/60 60/70 70/80
D1001 D851 D711 D601 D501 D425 D356 D301 D251 D213
      HID90 HID990


Series Size
80/100 100/120 120/140 140/170 170/200 200/230 230/270 270/325 325/400
D181 D151 D126 D107 D91 D76 D64 D54 D46
HID80 HID890

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