Resin bond diamond

Place of Origin: Zhengzhou China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Harmony
Production method: High pressure high temperature
Size: Micron 0.05um-60um, Mesh 60/70 to 325/400
Color: Light green, dark green and light grey
MoQ: 5000 carats
Application: Mainly used in diamond grinding wheels, diamond pad, etc.
Packaging: Plastic bag/bottle, carton
HS Code: 71051020.00
OEM/ODM: Size tailored


Light green color, blocky, the most tough product among BRD series. Widely used for heavy duty application demanding long wheel life.


Dark green color, medium tough and micro-friable multinano-crystal, irregular sharp, perfect self sharpen ability. Best choice for maintaining grinding performance and tool life.


Light gray color, medium tough and micro-friable multinano-crystal, lower toughness but more friable than BRD20, good self sharpen ability. Economy grade to improve the efficiency.


BRD Nickel Coating Series: With exclusive technology we do chemical nickel coating of different levels based on BRD series. (Standard levels of nickel coating by weight are 30%, 56% and 60%.) The coating provides excellent heat dissipation and increased particle retention in the bond system, thus improving wheel life and workpiece integrity.

BRM Micron

Resin bond diamond micron powder with light gray color, blocky shape, friable, multicrystalline struture. Size distribution and shape are controlled tightly. BRM offers excellent performances in polishing and lapping glass, ceramics etc.

Available sizes:

US Mesh (FEPA)

40/50 (B427)

50/60 (B301)

60/80 (B252)

80/100 (B181)


100/120 (B151)

120/140 (B126)

140/170 (B107)

170/200 (B91)

200/230 (B76)

230/270 (B64)

270/325 (B54)

325/400 (B46)














When customers use micron powder for special application, then usually ask for nickel coatings on micron powder. Since particles are very little, the agglomeration will be happened during the coating and then affects performance. Our nickel coating technology solved this problem to avoid the agglomeration.

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