Diamond/cBN grinding wheel

Place of Origin: Zhengzhou China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Harmony
Diameter: 50 - 200mm
Thickness: 10 - 20mm
Binding agent: Metal/resin/vitrified/electroplated bond
Application: Aluminum, deburring
MoQ: 2 pcs
Packaging: Shipping box, carton
HS Code: 82079010.00
OEM/ODM: Available


  • Our precision series of grinding wheel products are divided into three categories: resin bonded grinding wheel, ceramic bonded grinding wheel and metal bonded grinding wheel according to the different types of binders; according to the shape or application field of the grinding wheel, it can be divided into centerless grinding wheel, CNC tool grinding wheel supporting grinding wheel, grinding composite grinding wheel and other series, used in cemented carbide, ceramics, magnetic materials, crystals, stainless steel bars, PCD, PCBN and other material processing fields.

  • Resin bond grinding wheels have the advantages of good self-sharpness, sharp cutting, high processing efficiency, high surface quality of processed workpieces, less heat generation during processing, and not easy to burn workpieces. They are suitable for high-efficiency and precision grinding; ceramic grinding wheels have sharp cutting, high processing efficiency, long life, grinding is not easy to heat up and clog, easy to control machining accuracy and trimming and other advantages; metal grinding wheels have the advantages of high grinding efficiency, good self-sharpness, large processing margin, strong grip on abrasive particles, and good wear resistance.

Diamond/cBN wheel shapes

  • Standard wheel shapes: 1A1R, 1A1, 14A1, 6A2, 11A2, 12A2 45°, 12A2 20°, 11V2, 12V2, 11V9, 9A1, 9A3, 4A2, 12A9, 12C9, 14F1, 14EE1, 4BT9
  • Non-standrad wheel shapes can be tailored.



  • Machining of glass, crystal, diamonds, ceramics
  • PCD/PCBN tools grinding industries
  • Auto processing industries
  • Diamond processing industries
  • Thermal spraying coating industries
  • CNC tools grinding industries
  • Woodworking industries
  • Semicon & LED industries
  • Optical glass industries
  • Machine building industries
  • Medical industries
  • Electronics

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