cBN mesh powder

Place of Origin: Zhengzhou China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Harmony
Size: 40# - 400#
Color: Black, brown, amber
MoQ: 1000 carats
Function: Surface finish
Application: cBN grinding wheels or other cBN tools
Packaging: Plastic bag/bottle, carton
HS Code: 28500012.00
OEM/ODM: Size tailord
  • CBN (cubic boron nitride) is recognized as a new material whose hardness is second only to diamond, high temperature resistance is twice that of diamond, abrasion resistance is four times that of traditional abrasives, and it has extraordinary thermal conductivity. Unparalleled new CBN materials. In today's manufacturing arena, there are hundreds of raw materials to be ground, from super alloys and thermal spraying for aerospace to hardened steels in automotive bearings and gears. Using CBN to grind these materials has the highest efficiency and the shortest processing time. After grinding with CBN abrasives, the quality of parts is better, the product is optimized to prevent thermal damage during finishing, and at the same time, the consistency of the quality of parts is improved. These processing technologies make full use of the advantages of CBN. Due to the extension of the life of the grinding wheel and the reduction of wear, the expensive machine tool can run for a longer time between the replacement of grinding tools, and the number of adjustments required during the operation is reduced. It can better meet the beats of modern automated machine tools and improve productivity and work efficiency.


Grade cBN B10

Black color, irregular sharp, low toughness but good self sharpen ability, easily fractured monocrystalline. Widely used for resin bond systems and low temperature grinding.

Grade cBN B20

Black color, monocrystalline, semi-blocky, high toughness and thermal stability. Usually used for vitrified bond and metal bond, maintaining grinding performance and tool life.

Grade cBN B30

Black, semi-tough, irregular, angular sharps provide increased grinding efficiency in resin or vitrified bond systems.

Grade cBN A40

Gold color, blocky, very tough and extremely high thermal stability. Used in metal bond systems and electroplated tools.

Grade cBN A50

Dark brown, irregular monocrystalline with sharp edge, tough and high thermal stability. Used in vitrified and metal bond systems, also used in heavy-duty resin bonds.

Grade cBN A60

Dark brown, blocky, very tough and high thermal stability. Widely used in metal bonds and electroplated tools.

Grade cBN A70

Gold in color, blocky, tough and high thermal stability. Widely used in metal bond and electroplated tools, better choice for hardened tool steel, cobalt-based alloys and super cobalt alloy.

Grade cBN A80

cBN A80 is our highest leval of cBN powder with high strength, high toughness, high stability and recommended for vitrified bond cBN grinding wheels processing auto camshaft and crankshaft, which is especially suitable for production of PCBN and cBN sintered body.

cBN mesh size available

US Mesh (FEPA)

40/50 (B427)

50/60 (B301)

60/80 (B252)

80/100 (B181)

100/120 (B151)

120/140 (B126)

140/170 (B107)

170/200 (B91)

200/230 (B76)

230/270 (B64)

270/325 (B54)

325/400 (B46)

cBN B10



cBN B20



cBN B30



cBN A40



cBN A50

cBN A60

cBN A70



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