cBN micron powder

Place of Origin: Zhengzhou China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Harmony
Size: 0-1um to 40-60um
Color: Black, amber
MoQ: 1000 carats
Function: Surface finish
Application: cBN grinding wheels or other cBN tools
Packaging: Plastic bag/bottle, carton
HS Code: 28500012.00
OEM/ODM: Size tailord
  • Cubic Boron Nitride micropowder refers to cubic boron nitride abrasive grains whose width dimension is finer than 36/54 microns. It is made of cubic boron nitride single crystal abrasive grains, which are crushed and shaped, and produced by a special process. The English name of Cubic Boron Nitride Micron Powder is Cubic Boron Nitride Micron Powder, or CBN Micron Powder or CBN Micropowder for short. It has high crystal purity, good thermal stability, good self-sharpening and high grinding efficiency. Use it to get a precise and high-finish working surface, which can make your products have higher quality.


Grade cBN B30M

Black, semi-tough, irregular, angular sharps provide increased grinding efficiency in resin or vitrified bond systems.

Grade cBN A80M

cBN A80M is now the higher level of CBN powder in China with high toughness and high stability, which is the best choice for vitrified bond CBN grinding wheel processing aturo camshaft and crankshaft. Therefore, A80M has strong grinding force and much better stability than other cBN micropowder. The cleanliness of the surface through special processing is especially suitable for the production of PCBN and CBN sintered body.

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