Coated diamond

Place of Origin: Zhengzhou China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Harmony
Type: Electroplated coating, chemical coating
Size: Micron 0.5um-60umm, mesh 60/80 to 325/400
Feature: Enhances the retention between diamond particles and the bond
MoQ: 5000 carats
Delivery time: Within one week
Packaging: Plastic bag/bottle, carton
HS Code: 71051020.00
OEM/ODM: Size tailord


Titanium coating is greatly enhanceing the mechanical attachment of diamond to the bond matrix through the strong metallurgical adhesion between Ti and the matrix. It also protects diamond from oxidation or metal erosion which causes graphitization of the diamond to improve the application features of diamond tools. 


Nickel coating greatly enhances the retention between diamond particles and the bond, thus to prolong the tool's life and improve the sharpeness,which offers a better performance.


Copper coating is recommend for resin bond tools. Able to effectively enhance the tools life by improving the mechanical retention of diamonds and reducing heat damage.


Cobalt coating could improve the retention of diamond and bond. In addition, the sintering temperature could be raised because the coating can protect diamond from oxidation and corrosion. It also enhences the hardness and abrasive resistence of coated diamond.


W reacts with diamond particles and generates WC, which is with good thermal stability and wear resistance. The coating improves the bond retention and enhances the diamond toughness, its alloy coating layer improves the thermal conductivity, which can prolong tool life.


Chromium enjoys nice wettability and affinity on diamond. It forms a layer of chromium-carbide between diamond and bond during coating and sintering, thus the coating improves the retention between diamond and bond. It also increases the hardness and abrasive resistance of coated diamond.


Silicon coating strengthens the retention between bond and diamond, improves the thermal stability, wear resistance and helps better conduct the heat. It also helps to avoid the corrosion from Fe, thus it protects the diamond, prolongs the tools' life and raises the sintering temperature.

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